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"Vallex" group of companies is seeking qualified specialists for full time work in a mining operation 


1. Electrical engineers 

Candidate profile



  • - Ensure efficient operations of electrical and electronic equipment, conduct maintenance and repair operations
  • - Identification and prevention of common equipment failures and malfunctions,
  • - Ensure energy efficient operations,
  • - Supervision of electrical and electronic equipment service personnel,
  • - Generate plans and ensure the execution of scheduled inspections and maintenance works on electrical equipment,

- Generation and maintenance of proper technical documentation.  



2. Mechanical engineers


Candidate profile



  • - Ensure reliable, safe and orderly operation of machinery and equipment,
  • - Conducts works aimed at increasing the reliability of equipment,
  • - Generate plans and ensure the execution of scheduled inspections and maintenance works, generate schedules for equipment checks and tests, and preventative maintenance program, ensure the execution of the above.
  • - Plan for and ensure equipment updates, ensure the increase of reliability of equipment
  • - Conduct technical supervision over operations and ensure rational use of consumables
- Generate and conduct measures to prevent unplanned shut downs. 


3. Process engineers


Candidate profile



  • - Preparation of process flow diagrams (PFDs).
  • - Preparation of process heat and mass balances and utility balances.
  • - Understanding of materials of construction as related to equipment and piping specifications.
  • - Preparation of piping and instrument diagrams (P&IDs).
  • - Calculation of gas, liquid, and two-phase hydraulics.
  • - Pump and compressor Net Positive Suction Head and head calculations.
  • - Relief valve sizing and system analysis.
  • - Equipment and line numbering.
  • - Process start-up, operation, and safety familiarity of new and existing process units, (i.e. modifications and upgrades) and troubleshooting existing processes.
  • - Ensuring that all aspects of an operation or process meet engineering standards.
- Experience with environmental compliance. 



4. Mill, crusher, conveyer operators 


Candidate profile



- Follow up with the proper technical condition and operation of the equipment

  • - Commission the machines and stop their operations as per necessity
  • - Perform current maintenance of equipment using appropriate tooling, to inspect periodically the straps, chains, girth gears, sprockets, other wheels, ensure their proper cleanliness and appearance
  • - Carry out periodical inspection of main equipment in order to prevent malfunction, and report to supervisor of the repairs required to prevent malfunctions

- Perform other necessary works for proper operation of crushers, conveyors and mills.  



5. Electrical and instrumentation technicians


Candidate profile



Check the electrical equipment of the plant, the accuracy of its assembly and compliance with the approved designs and instructions by using appropriate instruments and gauges, to discover and to eliminate the possible deficiencies

  • - Perform the mounting and demounting of the equipment in accordance with the provided design
  • - Inspect the electrical chains, wiring, contacts, faulty connections and (or) to perform appropriate repairing works in case of malfunctions of isolation
  • - Undertake preventive measures for deficiencies, to ensure the cleanliness and other necessary conditions for accurate operation of electrical equipment
- Perform works in regards with replacement of worn out pieces, replenishment of current equipment, tuning, reparation etc. 



6. Flotators 


Candidate profile



- Observe operation of equipment to ensure continuity of flow, safety, and efficient operation,

  • - Conduct regular equipment checks in order to detect and prevent malfunctions and reasons thereof
  • - Clean, adjust and maintain equipment, using hand tools
  • - Tend accessory equipment, such as pumps and motors, in order to move materials or ingredients through the production process
  • - Add or mix chemicals and ingredients for processing, using hand tools and other devices
  • - Record data from operations, testing and production on specified forms.


Work conditions.

  • Location - Lori region
  • Employment - full time
  • Duration - permanent
  • Competitive pay, interesting work in a highly dynamic and growing enterprise
  • Opportunity for professional and personal growth, sustainable environment for gaining and sharpening professional skills.

Recruitment and selection process is competitive, based on interviews and test results.

Information on "Teghout" CJSC company vision and values, social and environmental responsibility policies and goals, as well as other relevant information can be found on the official web site of Teghout CJSC at the following address:

Interested applicants should send their resume and electronic copies of official diplomas by email to:

For additional information, please contact our staff at (+374 10) 510 885, ext. 2103.

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